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Marukan Japan 14 Kinds Vegetables


日本马卡14种野菜仓鼠主粮 配粮


Functional staple food

Suitable for hamster, squirrel 🐹


✨ Contains 14 kinds of wild vegetables to make the diet and nutrition more completed & balanced

✨ The shape is a small and makes it easy to chew for smaller hamsters such as dwarf hamsters.


📌 Ingredients: Corn, Flour, Defatted Soybean Meal, Wheat Bran, Chicken Porridge, Fish Meal, Animal Fats, Vegetable Fats, Fermented Grain Extracts, Young Barley Leaves, Cabbage, Broccoli, Pumpkin, Chinese Cabbage, Parsley, Carrots, Celery, Bitter Gourd, Spinach, Mulberry Leaves, Tomatoes, Minerals, Spices, Vitamins

📌 Nutrition level –Protein above 22.0%, Fat above 5.0%, Fiber below 7.0%, Mineral below 10.0%, Water level below 10.0%.


Our products are repacked in:

💌 30GM

Whole pack:

💌 180GM

📆 Exp. Date – Dec 2023



适合对象 – 仓鼠,松鼠


✨ 形状是让侏儒仓鼠等比较小型的仓鼠也容易吃的小粒类型。


📌 原材料 – 玉米,面粉,脱脂大豆粕,小麦麸子,鸡肉粥,鱼粉动物性油脂,植物性油脂,谷物发酵提取物,大麦嫩叶,甘蓝,椰菜,南瓜,大白菜,欧芹,胡萝卜,芹菜,苦瓜,菠菜,桑叶,西红柿,矿物质类,调料,维生素类

📌 主成分 – 粗蛋白质 22.0% 以上,粗脂肪5.0%以上,粗纤维7.0%以下,粗矿物质10.0%以下,水分10.0%以下



💌 30克


💌 180克

📆 保质日期 – 2023 年12月

Additional information

Weight0.18 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 5 cm

Repack (30GM), Whole Pack


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