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Small Pet Natural Desert Sand


小宠沙漠沙 浴沙 仓鼠厕所 挖掘乐趣

Hamster Toilet Sand Bath sand Playground


✨ Suitable for: reptiles, hamsters (for fun or as toilet sand).
✨ 100% natural desert sand, without adding any additives. Hence the clumping function is not as strong as the general artificial toilet sand, but it is 100% safe to use.
✨ The desert sand has been sterilized by the natural high temperature of sunlight in the desert. It is naturally harmless and can be used directly.
⚠ The desert sand is with ZERO fragrance, so it is recommended to use it with Cunipic to achieve the deodorizing effect 😉


💌 Available in:

🎈Natural Pumice Powder/Volcanic Ash🎈
✨ It can be added into the desert sand to help clumping
✨ Colorless and odorless, making the desert sand more durable & long lasting (Urine can be scooped out easily)
✨ Suggested dosage: Add 10-15 grams of pumice powder to 500 grams of desert sand. If you add more, the clumping effect will be better, but at the same time the dust will be larger.


✨ 适用对象 – 爬虫类,仓鼠类(玩乐或当尿砂使用)
✨ 100%天然沙漠沙,无任何添加,结团性没有一般人造尿砂这么强,当胜在安全使用。
✨ 沙漠沙在沙漠已经接受阳光的自然高温杀菌,天然无害,可直接使用。
⚠ 因为沙漠沙是无添加任何香味,所以建议搭配酷力比一起使用达到除臭效果哦😉



✨ 可自行添加入沙漠沙内,帮助结团
✨ 无色无味,让沙漠沙更持久耐用
✨ 建议用量: 500克沙漠沙添加10-15克浮石粉。 加得多,结团效果更佳,但是同时粉尘也会比较大

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions19 × 7 × 7 cm

500GM, 1KG, Pumice Powder (50GM)


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