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JR Farm Snacks


JR 无糖小宠零食 配粮

Yogurt Drop Degus Snacks Pea Carrot Flakes Wellness Vegetable


✨ Wellness Vegetables 600GM – easily digestible vegetable flakes for well being. Gently precooked and rich in vitamins!


✨ Pea Flakes 200GM – The pea flakes are rich in vitamins A and C and contain vitamins of the B group. They also contain folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc, calcium and phosphorus.


✨ Carrot Flakes 150GM – Carefully dried and steamed, a high percentage of the natural vitamins and essential beta carotene is retained. These flakes are especially stomach friendly and above all a welcome snack for young and old animals.


✨ Degus Snack 100GM – optimal dietary supplement for all degus


✨ Mixed Drops 75GM – a tasty dietary supplement as a treat for the daily vitamin ration.


Natural nutrients and supplements ensure silky soft, shiny fur and healthy, strong joints.

Additional information

Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions13 × 7 × 15 cm

Wellness Vege, Pea Flakes, Carrot Flakes, Degus Snacks, Mixed Drops


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