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US Mazuri Rat & Mouse Diet


美国马祖瑞花枝鼠粮 大白鼠 仓鼠粮 高蛋白

Gerbil Hamster Food, Syrian Dwarf High Protein


✨ Do not use artificial particle coagulant, but use expensive oats that provide good nutrition and fiber.

✨ Suitable for small pets who are picky eaters, infirm, during pregnancy and childbirth, during the recovery period

✨ Suitable for -Rats, Mouse & Gerbil as main food. Also suitable for hamster (Syrian & Dwarf).

✨ Can be used as main food or ration

✨ Super high protein level – Crude protein min ⚠⚠ 23% ⚠⚠, Moisture max 12%, Crude fat min 6.5%, Ash max 8%, Crude fiber max 4.5%, Vitamin e min 50iu/KG


✨ 不使用人造颗粒凝结剂,坚持适用价格昂贵但提供上佳营养和纤维的燕麦。

✨ 适合术后,病后,康复期间,挑食,体弱,孕产期,辅乳期的小宠

✨ 适用对象 –花枝鼠,大白鼠等大鼠长期作为主粮。侏儒熊类等增肥或繁殖期间喂食。

✨ 可当主粮或配粮

✨ 非常高蛋白 -蛋白质含量最低⚠⚠23%⚠⚠,水分含量最高12%,脂肪含量最低6.5%,灰分含量最高8%,粗纤维含量最高4.5%,维生素e最低50iu / KG

Additional information

Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions17 × 28 × 5 cm

Repack (100GM), Whole Pack (560GM), Whole Pack (907GM)


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