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R&M Luxber Bedding


小宠R&M纸棉 无尘 仓鼠垫料


R&M Luxber Small Animal Hamster Bedding 4.1L (570GM)

Bedding is to your hamster what bricks and tiles are to us. Would you live in a house with toxic walls and floors? We didn’t think so. That’s why we recommend R&M Luxber brand!


✨ Less dusty if compared with wood bedding & Fragrance free. Suitable for hamster especially they are sensitive to dust & smell.

✨ Concentrated, can be expanded up to 3x from its original volume.


❤ We help the environment by providing NO bubble wrap for this product❤


小宠R&M纸棉 仓鼠垫料 4.1L (570GM)

垫料对您的仓鼠来说就像我们屋子的砖瓦一样。您会住在有毒的墙壁和地板的房屋中居住吗?这就是为什么我们推荐R&M Luxber品牌!


✨ 无尘,无无味,无香精. 适合对粉尘,味道,香精敏感的仓鼠。

✨ 小小的一包是可以扩展到原来的3倍哦。


❤ 为了环保,我们不会提供泡泡纸来包装这个产品哦 ❤

Additional information

Weight0.57 kg
Dimensions20 × 19 × 8 cm

Pure White, Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Rainbow


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