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UK Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand


英国至尊龙猫仓鼠浴沙 1公斤

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✨Essential for chinchillas and is also a very nice treat for hamsters, gerbils and degus.

✨Soft and kind, even for pets with sensitive skin.

✨ Promote a clean, healthy, and shiny coat.

Chinchillas will enjoy a sand bath every day, whilst hamsters, gerbils and degus prefer to bathe two or three times a week.


❤Usage Direction:

Allow your pet to bathe for up to 10-20 minutes at a time to help prevent dry skin. Remove soiled sand immediately and change the sand at least once a week.


✨ 对龙猫来说必不可少!对仓鼠、沙鼠类来说也是一种很好的玩物。

✨ 柔软温和,也适合皮肤敏感的宠物。

✨ 促进干净,健康,有光泽的毛发。




让您的宠物一次最多沐浴 10-20 分钟,帮助防止皮肤干燥。立即清除污染的沙子,每周至少更换一次沙子。

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