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BriMoon Twinkling Star


台湾鳖蛋爆毛粉 猫狗通用 200GM

Skin & Coat For Dog & Cat

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✨ Healthy skin care

✨ Boosts immune system

✨ Improves digestion

✨ Enhances bodily functions

✨ Contains high protein, high fat, high calcium, high lecithin, amino acid, saturated fatty acids, and other vitamin complex to enhance pet health in every possible way

✨ Helps dogs and cats who has skin problem by repairing the skin

✨ Make their coat shinier and thicken their coat too



❤️ Soft-Shell Turtle Egg : Soft-shell turtle egg powder has high protein, high fat, high calcium, high lecithin, amino acid, plenty of polyunsaturated fatty acid (DHA, EPA…etc), other vitamins and taurine. Soft-shell turtle egg is also the main ingredient of Twinkling Star.

❤️ Organic Oatmeal : Natural organic integrity certified by OTCO provides pets digestion-improving incentives to enhance stomach absorptive capacity.

❤️ Natural Wheat Germ : Wheat Germ is a great source of many forms of vitamins, including vitamin E, most of the B vitamin group and supplemental vegetative protein. Great for pets to boost immune system, improve body functions and physical strength.

❤️ CPP : Casein Phosphopeptide (calcium-promotion factor) is an internationally recognized and is deemed the best Peptide structure for fending off cavity, calcium precipitation, renal stone disease and provides strong bone care for pets


✨ 健康护肤

✨ 增强免疫系统

✨ 改善消化

✨ 增强身体机能

✨ 含有高蛋白、高脂肪、高钙、高卵磷脂、氨基酸、饱和脂肪酸等多种维生素复合物,全方位提升宠物健康


✨ 让他们的外套更闪亮,也让他们的皮毛变厚



❤️ 鳖蛋:鳖蛋粉含有高蛋白、高脂肪、高钙、高卵磷脂、氨基酸、大量多不饱和脂肪酸(DHA、EPA…等)、其他维生素和牛磺酸。鳖蛋也是星辰的主要原料。

❤️ 有机燕麦:经 OTCO 认证的天然有机完整性为宠物提供改善消化的激励措施,以增强胃的吸收能力。

❤️ 天然小麦胚芽:小麦胚芽是多种维生素的重要来源,包括维生素 E、大部分 B 族维生素和补充植物蛋白。非常适合宠物增强免疫系统,改善身体机能和体力。

❤️ CPP:酪蛋白磷酸肽(促钙因子)是国际公认的,被认为是抵御蛀牙、钙沉淀、肾结石疾病的最佳肽结构,并为宠物提供强健的骨骼护理

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