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THEDOG Ginseng Soup Porridge


韩国参鸡汤/粥 老鸭汤/粥

Duck Congee Dog Food Supplement Snacks Meal Topper

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✨ Suitable for cat & dogs

✨ Good palatability

✨ Small bite of meat make it easy for furkids to digest


The Dog Ginseng Chicken Soup

👉 Ingredients: Chicken/Potato/Carrot/Ginseng


The Dog Ginseng Chicken Porridge

👉 Ingredients: chicken/potato/carrot/ginseng/four kinds of rice


The Dog Duck Congee

👉 Ingredients: duck meat/potato/carrot/ginseng/four kinds of rice


The Dog参鸡汤

👉 成份:鸡肉/土豆/胡萝卜/人参


The Dog参鸡粥

👉 成份:鸡肉/土豆/胡萝卜/人参/四种米


The Dog鸭肉粥

👉 成份:鸭肉/土豆/胡萝卜/人参/四种米

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions12 × 18 × 3 cm

Chicken Soup, Chicken Porridge, Duck Porridge


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