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Furcoco Pawpy Dog Can Food Canned


Pawpy Meal主食狗罐头浓汤大肉块 真材实肉 170GM

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FURCOCO | Pawpy Meal Dog Canned Food

✨ It can completely replace the main meal of dogs on everyday!

✨ Suitable for dogs of all

✨ 100% safe to eat

✨ Real ingredients, using high-quality meat & fresh vegetables

✨ Contains broth to replenish moisture

✨ Good palatability, delicious food

✨ Natural ingredients, no chemicals added

✨ Big meat chunk in thick soup, you can see the real meat your furkid consume


Duck Flavour: Helps to reduce tear line

Chicken Flavour: Maintain healthy skin & coat


FURCOCO | Pawpy Meal主食狗罐头

✨ 完全可以代替汪星人平日的主餐!

全龄狗狗皆可享用 取自天然食材 100%安心食用

✨ 真材实料, 采用优质肉类&新鲜蔬菜

✨ 内含汤汁, 补充水分

✨ 适口性好, 美味解馋

✨ 成分天然, 不添加化学物质

✨ 浓汤大肉块,真材实肉




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