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Niteangel Hamster’s Mount Fuji Water Bowl Water Bottle


艾特富士山水碗 上开盖水壶饮水器挂笼水壶带支架水樽

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Mount Fuji Water Bowl

✨ Size – 5.8cm x 3.2cm

✨ Capacity – 50ml

✨ Restore the natural drinking posture and reduce the burden on the spine

✨ The mountain-shaped design reduces the risk of hamsters getting wet

✨ Thick chassis, not easy to overturn by hamster

✨ If you need to go outstation for a few days, it is recommended to use the water bowl and water bottle at the same time, so you don’t have to worry water leaking


Water Bottle

✨ Dimensions (with stand) – 18 x 8 x 12cm

✨ Capacity – 80ml

✨ Use 4.5mm small bearing ball, which is more suitable for small pets

✨ Adjustable stand to suits pets of different sizes

✨ Top open lid design, easy to add water

✨ The height of the bottle is transparent with scales, making it easier to observe the water consumption of pets



❤️ 尺寸 – 5.8cm x 3.2cm

❤️ 容量 – 50ml

❤️ 还原自然饮水姿态,减轻脊椎负担

❤️ 山型凸起设计,减低仓鼠打湿风险

❤️ 厚重底盘,不易掀翻

❤️ 如需出门几天,建议水碗和水壶同时使用,不用担心鼠鼠口渴



❤️ 尺寸 (带支架) – 18 x 8 x 12cm

❤️ 容量 – 80ml

❤️ 采用4.5mm 小滚珠,更适合小宠使用

❤️ 可调整支架,适合不同体格的宠物

❤️ 上开盖设计,方便加水

❤️ 瓶身高透明带刻度,更容易观察小宠饮水量

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Dimensions19 × 3 × 19 cm

Fuji Water Bowl, Water Bottle + Stand


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