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Vitakraft Kracker Treats Molar Hamster


VK高钙磨牙棒 仓鼠兔子 112GM

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✨ Tastes irresistible and offer real added value for the animals

✨ Three-time baking in the in-house Vitakraft bakery guarantees the animals extra-long crispy fun.

✨ Sugar-Free Recipe

✨ High-Quality Natural Raw Materials

✨ Vital Vitamins & Minerals with Extra Vitamin C

✨ On untreated knabber wood

✨ Suitable for: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters



1. Vitakraft Kracker + Fruit & Flakes Hamster (x2)

2. Vitakraft Kracker Multi-Vitamin Hamster (x2)

3. Vitakraft Emotion Kracker Fruits (x3)

4. Vitakraft Emotion Kracker Herbal (x3)


Available in:

❤️ Whole pack 2 pieces


✨ 味道令人无法抗拒,为动物提供真正的附加值

✨ 在自家的 Vitakraft 面包店进行三次烘烤,保证动物超长的酥脆乐趣。

✨ 无糖食谱

✨ 优质天然原料

✨ 含有额外维生素 C 的重要维生素和矿物质

✨ 在未经处理的锯木上

✨ 适合:兔子、豚鼠、仓鼠



❤️ 整包2件

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