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Natural Yellow Grain & Millet


天然黄谷穗 逗鼠棒 互动零食 造景神器 小宠仓鼠鸟类

Small Pets Hamster Bird, Decoration


✨ Natural high-quality yellow grain & millet, no additives & coloring

✨ Rich in crude fiber and easy to chew. Healthy snack that helps promote digestion

✨ Can put the whole grain in your hamster’s food bowl, or hang on the cage.

✨ Can also be used as decorations in hamster’s cage


⚠ May vary in length/size because it grows naturally.

⚠ Millet sprays are dried under the sun, part of the grains on the millet sprays may drop during delivery & transportation process, but rest assured it will not affect the consumption.

⚠ Store in a cool and dry place. Recommended to seal and store in the refrigerator after receiving to prevent insect infest.


⭐ 天然优质黄谷穗 & 黍子穗,原色原味,无任何添加成分

⭐ 富含粗纤维,易于咀嚼,是可以帮助肠胃消化的小零食

⭐ 可以整支放入食盆中或挂在笼子上

⭐ 可用做互动小零食、躺手神器、造景必备


⚠黄谷穗 & 黍子穗是天然的磨牙零食,由于是自然生长而成的,所以可能会有长短/大小不一的情况哦.

⚠ 谷穗晾晒较干后,运输过程中可能会因为暴力快递而导致谷穗上面的部分谷粒掉落,但是完全不影响食用哦~

⚠ 储藏方法:密封阴凉干燥处保存,建议收到后密封放进冰箱冷冻保存以预防生虫

Additional information

Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions10 × 12 × 3 cm

Yellow Grain, Millet, Red Sorghum


1 PCS, 10GM


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