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Maxx Mania Dermist Colloidal Silver Anti-Fungus



Pet Skin Care 100ML

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✨ Stimulate skin repair process for cuts, scrapes and open sores

✨ Alleviates hot spots

✨ Anti fungal effects to aid healing from yeast and other fungal infections & bacteria infection

✨ Can be used for cleaning tear stains and soften crusted mucus for painless removal

✨ Anti bacterial effects useful for cleaning fresh wound and minimize bacteria infection

✨ Safe to be used on dogs, cats & horses



100% Distilled Structured Water, 999 Pure Silver Colloidal Silver 50ppm


Direction for usage:

Skin and coat infection on wound

1. Spray directly over open wound, sores and/or infected area, it is recommended to clean off any physical dirt found on open wound with a paper towel.

2. Repeat usage 4-5 times daily or when necessary

Cleaning off eyes and other sensitive areas

1. Spray a liberal amount onto a clean paper towel and proceed to gently dap over the area to clean

2. For removal of hardened or crusted mucus, dap wet paper towel over the area for 10-20 secs to soften the particles before attempting to wipe off.



Fungus, Ringworm, Wound healing, Ear infection, Hot spots, Parasites infection, Virus infection, Yeast infection, Allergic, Inflammation, Itch, Dermattis and Oral infection.


消炎 灼伤

金钱藓 去除尿味

耳道感染 酵母菌感染

皮肤寄生虫 蚊虫叮咬

瘙痒 皮肤敏感

伤口消炎 促进伤口愈合

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