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Eco Forest Fancy Rat Diet


牧光森林全价花枝鼠粮 800GM

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✨ Rich and balanced nutrition. According to the actual nutritional needs of squid, a formula with low protein level and high amino acid quality is designed to reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines and create a real squid food with the concept of “light nutrition”.

✨ High quality raw materials. Using food-grade raw materials, rich grain raw materials and high-protein nutritional raw materials such as fish meal and chicken, bring rich flavor and taste to the product, and have very good palatability.

✨ High-quality functional raw materials. The use of flaxseed, wheat germ, carrots and other raw materials is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and natural vitamin E, which can effectively improve coat color, reduce inflammation, and improve immunity.

✨ Sufficient addition of beneficial additives. Sufficient addition of probiotics and yucca extract can effectively adjust the balance of intestinal flora and reduce diarrhea and odor.


✨ 营养丰富均衡。根据花枝鼠实际营养需求,设计低蛋白水平高氨基酸品质配方,减少肠胃负担,打造一款真正的“轻营养”理念的花枝鼠粮。

✨ 高品质原料。使用食品级原料,丰富的谷物原料搭配鱼粉、鸡肉等高蛋白营养原料,给产品带来丰富的风味和口感,具有非常好的适口性。

✨ 优质功能性原料。亚麻籽、小麦胚芽、胡萝卜等原料的使用,富含Ω-3等不饱和脂肪酸和天然维生素E,有效改善毛色,减缓炎症提高免疫力。

✨ 足量添加有益添加剂。益生菌、丝兰提取物的足量添加,有效调节肠道菌群平衡,减少腹泻情况和异味的产生。

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