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Furry Tail Fresh Meat


尾巴生活 理想正餐全价生骨肉主食猫罐头 猫湿粮 增肥美毛无诱食剂

Cat Wet Food Canned Food


Furry Tail Fresh Meat Cat Wet Food (170GM)

✨ Specially made for cats for complete balanced diet, can replace other kibbles, feed as main course

✨ Sterilization @ 121 degree, complete retention of high nutrition, easy to digest by your pets

✨ 97 % MEAT content & super high protein

✨ Additives: Taurine 0.05%, minerals 0.2% (Calcium carbonate, Copper sulfate, Potassium chloride, Potassium Iodide, Magnesium Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Ferrous sulfate, Manganese sulfate), Vitamins 0.04% (Choline chloride, E, B1, D3, B6, Folic Acid)


Flavour Available:

❤ Chicken

❤ Beef

❤ Salmon

❤ Venison


Raw Ingredients:

❤ Chicken Flavour: Chicken, Bone Paste, Chicken Liver, Water

❤ Beef Flavour: Chicken, Bone Paste, Chicken Liver, Beef, Beef Liver, Water

❤ Salmon Flavour: Salmon, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Bone Paste, Water

❤ Venison Flavour: Chicken, Bone Paste, Chicken Liver, Venison, Animal Liver, Water


Feeding Guide:

Kitten (3 Mths – 12 Mths): 1-2 Cans Daily

Adult Cat (Above 12 Mths): 1-2 Cans Daily

Pregnant Cat: 2-3 Cans Daily


⚠ Advice to finish fast once open, if unable to finish, kindly seal it and refrigerate it

⚠⚠ We will check every can and wrap it carefully with bubble wrap before shipping it out to customers. Please understand that any damages (dented can) caused by courier services are not returnable and refundable.


尾巴生活 理想正餐生骨肉主食猫罐头(170GM)

✨ 97 % 肉类含量和超高蛋白质, 可替代其他粗粮,作为主食

✨ 121度高温杀菌,完全保留高营养,易被宠物消化

✨ 添加剂:牛磺酸 0.05%,矿物质 0.2%(碳酸钙、硫酸铜、氯化钾、碘化钾、硫酸镁、硫酸锌、硫酸亚铁、硫酸锰)、维生素 0.04%(氯化胆碱、E、B1、D3、B6、叶酸)



❤ 鸡

❤ 牛肉

❤ 三文鱼

❤ 鹿肉



❤ 鸡味:鸡肉、骨泥、鸡肝、水

❤ 牛肉味:鸡肉、骨酱、鸡肝、牛肉、牛肝、水

❤ 三文鱼味:三文鱼、鸡肉、鸡肝、骨泥、水

❤ 鹿肉味:鸡肉、骨泥、鸡肝、鹿肉、动物肝脏、水



小猫(3 个月 – 12 个月):每天 1-2 罐

成年猫(12 个月以上):每天 1-2 罐

孕猫:每天 2-3 罐



⚠⚠ 出货前我们会检查每个罐罐,并用bubble wrap仔细包装,然后再发货给客户。快递服务造成的任何损坏(罐子凹痕)均不予退还和退款, 请理解‼

Additional information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions7 × 5 × 5 cm

Chicken, Beef, Salmon, Duck


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