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Cat & Dog, Anti Flea & Ticks Kutu


Frontline Spray (100ml / 200ml)

✨ Suitable for dogs & cats.

✨ Effective to control brown ticks, paralysis ticks, adult fleas, flea allergy dermatitis.

✨ Advisable to apply every 3-4 weeks for maximum effectiveness.

✨ Ensure your pet is totally dry before applying FRONTLINE products. Do not bathe or shampoo your pet for at least 48 hours.

❤️ can be used on puppies or kittens from 2 days of age.

⚠️ Avoid spraying directly into the eyes & keep out from children reach. Any adverse reaction should stop using immediately and consult veterinary advise.


Frontline 喷雾 (100ml / 20ml)

✨ 适用于狗和猫。

✨ 有效防治虱和跳蚤、跳蚤过敏性皮炎。

✨ 建议每 3-4 周使用一次,以获得最佳效果。

✨ 在使用 FRONTLINE 产品之前,请确保您的宠物完全干燥。至少 48 小时内不要给宠物洗澡。

❤️ 可用于 2 天大的小狗或小猫。

⚠️ 避免喷洒宠物眼睛并远离儿童。任何不良反应应立即停止使用并咨询兽医建议。

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Weight0.12 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 10 cm


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