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DERGALL Hobby Ectoparasite


宠物驱虫喷雾 跳蚤 喷雾

Disposal Water For Cats & Dogs 20ML

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✨ Made in Poland

✨ Can kill Ticks, Fleas, Lices, Ear Mites, Red poultry mite, Mange mite, Cockroach

✨ Spray on animal body, Surrounding, Breeding nest/ground

✨ Can be used for shower

✨ Safe for animals (no penetrate into animals’ organs and eggs)

✨ Does not contain any harmful active ingredients

✨ Physical mode of action eliminates the possibility that pests will become resistant

✨ Lowers the risk of bacterial infections

✨ Enctoparasite disposal (Air kutu pelupusan/ kill kutu)

✨ Pesticide-free, Poison free / Toxic free

✨ Suitable for cat, dog, bird, snake or mammal, reptile pets

❤️ Weight: 20ML (to mix 2.5ML of Dergall with 500ML of water)


✨ 波兰制造

✨ 可以杀死蜱虫、跳蚤、虱子、耳螨、红家禽螨、疥螨、蟑螂

✨ 喷洒在动物身上,周围,繁殖巢/地面

✨ 可用于淋浴

✨ 对动物安全(不会渗入动物的器官和卵子)

✨ 不含任何有害活性成分

✨ 物理作用方式消除了害虫产生抗药性的可能性

✨ 降低细菌感染的风险

✨ 体外寄生虫处理(Air kutu pelupusan/kill kutu)

✨ 无农药,无毒

✨ 适合猫、狗、鸟、蛇或哺乳动物、爬行动物宠物

❤️ 重量:20ML(需要使用时将 2.5ML Dergall 与 500ML 水混合)

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Dimensions10 × 4 × 27 cm


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