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Ozpro Rawfeast Freeze Dried



Holistic Booster for Pet Dog Cat Food (Wet/Dry/Supplement/Treats) SGS TESTED


100GM RawFeast = 500GM Raw Meat

✨ Made from pure meat

✨ 100% Natural & Grain Free

✨ Zero preservative

✨ Vacuum sealed packaging allow the product to last for 18-24 months in ambient temperature

✨ All products are tested and approved by the SGS certification. This is to ensures the product quality is comply with the standards of the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)

✨ About 98% of the meat moisture is drawn off by evaporating the ice at a temperature as low as -65 degree, at the same time maintaining its nutrient & molecule. The product is then sealed in moisture & oxygen proof packaging to ensure the freshness.


Holistic Range:

🎈 Holistic Ostrich 100GM 👉 Suitable for dogs & cats with sensitive digestive systems

🎈 Holistic Chicken Salmon & Cod Fish 100GM 👉 Suitable for dogs & cats with sensitive digestive systems, Helps in healthy coat & supple skin

🎈 Holistic Beef & Salmon 100GM 👉 A complete balance diet with essential vitamins & minerals for your pet


Booster Range:

🎈 Chicken 102GM 👉 Maintain a healthy heart (Packed with essential amino acid & glucosamine)

🎈 Chicken Cube 102GM 👉 For fitness & growth (Rich in lean protein, vitamin A, niacin & phosphorus

🎈 Chicken Liver 102GM 👉 Improve Vision & Eyesight (Rich in A, B, C, D, Taurine & Folic Acid)

🎈 Duck 75GM 👉 For digestive health care (Rich in fatty acid, zinc & other essential minerals)

🎈 Salmon 81GM 👉 For skin allergies & wound recovery (Rich in protein, Omega-5 & Omega-6 fatty acid)

🎈 Tuna 90GM 👉 Improve energy level & anti oxidant (Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, EPA & DHA and other vitamins

🎈 Venison 80GM 👉 Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive cats & dogs (Good source of protein, vitamin & zinc, phosphorus & iron

🎈 Capelin 51GM 👉 For feline dental & oral care (Helps in reduce plaque & tartar build up, good snacks for teeth)

🎈 Cod Fish 51GM👉 Reduce itchiness & Anti-dandruff, Anti-inflammatory (Contains DHA, EPA)

🎈 Quail 35GM 👉 Super booster (Novel protein, helps maintain healthy bones, strengthen muscles.

🎈 Quail Egg Yolk 150GM 👉 Helps to maintain healthy heart & immune system (Rich in protein & vitamins, low in saturated fat)

🎈 Egg Yolk 150GM 👉 Maintain strong bones (Rich in selenium, biotin, lysine, vitamin B12 & taurine)


Feeding Method:

1. Feed directly as a dry food/treats

2. Soak in water to feed as wet food

3. Mix with kibbles for the fussy one


100G Ozpro = 500G 生肉

✨ 由纯肉制成

✨ 100% 天然和无谷物

✨ 零防腐剂

✨ 真空密封包装让产品在室温下也可以保鲜 18-24 个月

✨ 所有产品均通过 SGS 认证测试和批准。确保产品质量符合美国饲料控制官员协会 (AAFCO) 的标准

✨ 约 98% 的肉类水分是通过在低至 -65 度的温度下蒸发,同时保持其营养和分子


Holistic 系列:

🎈 鸵鸟 100GM 👉 适合消化系统敏感的狗猫

🎈 鸡肉三文鱼和鳕鱼 100GM 👉 适合消化系统敏感的狗和猫,有助于健康的皮毛和柔软的皮肤

🎈 牛肉和鲑鱼100GM 👉 为您的宠物提供含有必需维生素和矿物质的完全平衡饮食



🎈 鸡肉 102GM 👉 保持心脏健康(富含必需氨基酸和氨基葡萄糖)

🎈 鸡肉块 102GM 👉 用于健身和成长(富含瘦肉蛋白、维生素 A、烟酸和磷)

🎈 鸡肝 102GM 👉 改善视力和视力(富含 A、B、C、D、牛磺酸和叶酸)

🎈 鸭肉75GM 👉 用于消化保健(富含脂肪酸、锌和其他必需矿物质)

🎈 三文鱼 81GM 👉 用于皮肤过敏和伤口恢复(富含蛋白质、Omega-5 和 Omega-6 脂肪酸)

🎈 金枪鱼 90GM 👉 提高能量水平和抗氧化(富含 Omega-3 脂肪酸、EPA & DHA 和其他维生素

🎈 鹿肉 80GM 👉 低过敏性,适合敏感的猫和狗(蛋白质、维生素和锌、磷和铁的良好来源

🎈 多春鱼 51GM 👉 用于猫科动物的牙齿和口腔护理(有助于减少牙菌斑和

Additional information

Weight0.22 kg
Dimensions7 × 17 × 7 cm

Chicken Liver(102GM), Capelin (51GM)


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