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Ocean Star 90° Oven Baked Kibbles 4.5KG


海洋之星猫粮低温烘焙成猫营养全猫粮90%鲜肉全价粮高蛋白 4.5KG

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❤️ 1kg of Ocean Star Oven Baked Kibbles is made from 5kg of fresh meat

❤️ Made from 90% fresh meat content, 0 meat powder

❤️ Bake slowly at 90° for 12 hours

❤️ Better palatability

❤️ Different from the traditional kibbles, there is no extra oil spraying on top of the kibbles, keep away from black chin problems

❤️ Added 9 types of fresh fruit pulp to help the stomach and intestines digest

❤️ With prebiotics & probiotics, it is more friendly to the stomach

❤️ Suitable for adult cats over 3 months old

🌸 We do sell 1kg & 50g trail pack, please PM us if you cannot find it


✨ 5斤鲜肉出1公斤烘培粮

✨ 90% 鲜肉含量,0肉粉

✨ 用12小时以90°低温慢烘

✨ 更好的适口性

✨ 无额外喷油,远离黑下巴

✨ 添加9中新鲜果肉,帮助肠胃消化

✨ 搭配益生元&益生菌,对肠胃更友好

✨ 适合3个月以上的成猫

🌸 我们也有卖1kg & 50g 试吃包装,如果找不到链接可以私信我们

Additional information

Weight4.6 kg
Dimensions45 × 36 × 8 cm

Chicken, Duck


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