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Marukan Japan Star-Shape Staple Food Pellet


日本马卡星星粮 仓鼠主粮 配粮

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Suitable for – Hamster & squirrels 🐹

✨ It is a comprehensive and balanced food containing vegetables, minerals, calcium, and vitamins that squirrels and hamsters tend to lack.

✨ Can be given as a staple food every day.

✨ The hardness of the food can effectively grind the teeth of hamster to prevent the front teeth from being too long and can help digestion and absorption.

✨ The extraction of natural fermented essence from rice germ and soybeans can greatly inhibit urine odor.

📌 Ingredients – Corn, Wheat Flour, Defatted Soybean Meal, Alfalfa, Tempeh, Chicken Wheat, Fish Meal, Fermented Soybean Extract

📌 Nutrition level –Protein above 22.0%, Fat above 5.0%, Fiber below 7.0%, Mineral below 10.0%, Water level below 10.0%.



✨ 针对仓鼠摄取不足绿黄色蔬菜、矿物质、钙质所调制的均衡营养主食。

✨ 适当硬度的主食 ,能有效磨牙防止前齿过长,并能帮助消化吸收。

✨ 从米胚芽、大豆中提取天然发酵精华,能大幅度抑制尿臭。

✨ 含有蔬菜,矿物质,钙,维生素的综合营养食品。

📌 原材料 – 玉米,小麦粉,脱脂大豆粕,苜蓿,豆豉,鸡麦,鱼粉,大豆发酵提取物

📌 主成分 – 粗蛋白质 22.0% 以上,粗脂肪5.0%以上,粗纤维7.0%以下,粗矿物质10.0%以下,水分10.0%以下

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