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Fukumaru Polymer Mixed Tofu Cat Litter


福丸高分子豆腐木砂 2.5KG

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Fukumaru Polymer Mixed Tofu Cat Litter 福丸高分子豆腐木砂 2.5KG

Mixed Cat Litter – Perfect Combination

80% Tofu Cat Little – Food Grade Level

20% Polymer Litter – Strong Odour Control & Instant Clumping



✨ 2.5KG

✨ Dust free

✨ Highly absortion

✨ Strong Odour Control

✨ Malaysia Ready Stock

✨ Flushable, dissolve in water easily


Cat litter is all vacuum-packed at the factory, and air leakage may occur during transportation, which will not affect product quality.


Additional information

Weight2.7 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 5 cm


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