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What do you need before owning a Syrian Hamster?

  1. Cage
    A 60cm cage is the minimum requirement for Syrian Hamster to keep your hamster active and happy.
  2. Wheel
    A minimum of 26cm for Syrian Hamster.
  3. Bedding
    Aspen Wood Shaving / Chips – suitable for the weather in Malaysia
    Paper cotton – High water & odor absorption, suitable for hamsters that stays in an air-conditioned room
    Small wood pallets – super high-water absorption and deodorization, less dust
    Floral Bedding – Helps deodorize, and your furkids can eat them as well!
    Moss Bedding – a natural landscaping artifact and a natural haven for hamsters

    Your hamster’s cage needs to be cleaned regularly. Plan on a thorough cleaning at least weekly, with a change of bedding and a wipe-down of all surfaces with a rodent-safe cleaner to remove germs. Each day, you should remove soiled bedding, and provide your pet with fresh water. Food should be top up on every 2-3 days. A dirty cage is potentially harmful for your pet’s health and will also smell and look bad.
  4. Water Bottle
    80ml – 125ml water bottle can last for 5-7 days on average. It is recommended to put a spare water bottle / water bowl in the cage if you will be away for a few days.
  5. Ceramic Hideout / Cotton Hideout
    Cotton hideout – suitable for parents who keep their cubs in an air-conditioned room
    Ceramic hideout – consider a necessity due to Malaysia’s weather
  6. Food
    Whole grains (Better Palatability) -suggested brands are Bunny Nature, Tafit, FP Grain
    Five grains + synthetic pellets  (do note that hamsters usually don’t like to eat synthetic pellets ) – suggested brands are Harry, Eco Forest, Versele Laga, Vitakraft
  7. Toilet + bath sand / desert sand
    Suggest to pour around 2-3cm high of sand into the toilet and place in the cage permanently, remove only during cleaning. If your hamster doesn’t know how to go to the toilet and pee everywhere, you may pick up some bedding that is stained their pee and put it inside the toilet, so that your hamster can recognize the smell
  8. Snacks
    The main function of snacks is to build a relationship with the hamster, especially when you just brought him home. It is recommended to buy 1-2 types of snacks for the hamster
  9. Molar Snacks
    Since their incisors grow throughout life, hamsters commonly develop overgrown incisors that may get so long that they interfere with closing the mouth to eat. Overgrown incisors also can poke into the gums and tongue, causing cuts and bleeding. If both upper and lower incisors overgrow, they may hit each other when the hamster tries to close its mouth, breaking off and causing pain.

    To lessen the chance of developing overgrown incisors, pet hamsters should be given molar biscuit or molar wood sticks which they can chew and wear down their teeth. The commercially available synthetic pellets will also served the same function.

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