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Yee Deodorant Spray


Yee 祛味灵 仓鼠除臭喷雾, 龙猫, 兔子, 刺猬, 小宠物垫料笼子活菌除味剂 可分解粪便 50ML

Urine Hamster Cage 50ML


✨ The biological bacteria in the spray is activate, and it can take effect directly when it encounters urine, and the deodorization speed is fast

✨ The more uniform the biological bacteria and litter are stirred, the better the deodorizing effect

✨It is recommended to shake before spraying


✨ 祛味灵内的生物菌处于激活状态,遇到分辨尿液可直接生效,除臭速度快

✨ 生物菌与垫料搅拌越均匀除臭效果越佳

✨ 使用前建议先摇一摇再喷

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Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions12 × 4 × 4 cm


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