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Yee Corn Cob Bedding


玉米芯垫料 除臭垫料 仓鼠/兔子 2.8KG

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1 box contains of 2 bags of corn cob, each bag is 1.4KG

✨ Suitable for hamster, guinea pig, rabbits, hedgehog, etc.

✨ Natural and safe for small pet, edible materials

✨ Low dust bedding, suitable for small pets with skin allergy

✨ Cool and dry, suitable for hot weather in Malaysia


重量: 2.8KG (含有2包垫料, 各1.4KG)

✨ 全天然玉米芯

✨ 安全垫料 可食用

✨ 已过筛 低粉尘

✨ 适合马来西亚天气使用的垫料

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions19 × 30 × 23 cm


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