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Womo Can 86g


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✨ Raw meat can
✨ Comprehensive nutrition
✨ Firm meat, visible shreds of meat
✨ Added with WOMO patented prebiotics

Whole chicken Best choice for cats with sensitive gastrointestinal tracts
Pigeon The best nutritional supplement for frail cats
Rabbit Best choice for indigestion and obese cats
Fish Best for beautifying hair and reducing hair loss
Beef Show-level cats can, preferred for cats with strong physiques
Venison Comprehensive nutritional supplement is the best choice for cats

❤️ 生肉罐
❤️ 全面营养
❤️ 结实的肉肉,肉眼可见的肉丝
❤️ 添加WOMO专利益生元

全鸡罐 肠胃敏感猫猫优选
鸽鸽罐 体弱猫咪滋补优选
兔兔罐 消化不良肥胖猫咪优选
鱼鱼罐 美毛,减少掉毛优选
全牛罐 赛级猫咪,强壮体格猫咪优选
全鹿罐 全面补充营养猫咪优选

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Weight0.11 kg
Dimensions7.00 × 7.00 × 3.00 cm

Chicken, Fish, Rabbit, Squab, Venison, Beef


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