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Versele Laga Complete Hamster & Gerbil


比利时凡赛尔全方位营养仓鼠粮 500克 分装


✨ All-in-one – prevents selective eating behavior

✨ Contains chicken as natural source of animal protein and cereal for energy and vitality is especially tailored to the nutritional needs of hamsters and gerbils. Also contains Salmon oil and linseed as sources of omega 3 and 6.

✨ COMPOSITION: Cereals (40%), derivatives of vegetable origin, vegetables (peas 15%), meat and animal derivatives (chicken 4%), fruit (apple 4%), oils and fats (salmon oil 1%), seeds (linseed 2%), minerals (montmorillonite clay 0.5%), yeasts, eggs and egg derivatives, fructooligosaccharides (0.3%), calendula, yucca (125 mg/kg), rosemary, green tea


✨ 综合合成粮 – 防止鼠鼠挑食

✨ 含有鸡肉作为动物蛋白, 谷物是天然的能量和活力来源。特别适合仓鼠和沙鼠的营养需求。还包含鲑鱼油和亚麻籽作为Omega 3和6的来源。

✨ 成分:谷物(40%),蔬菜来源的衍生物,蔬菜(豌豆15%),肉类和动物衍生物(鸡肉4%),水果(苹果4%),油脂(鲑鱼油1%),种子(亚麻籽2%),矿物质(蒙脱土0.5%),酵母,鸡蛋和鸡蛋衍生物,低聚果糖(0.3%),金盏花,丝兰(125 mg / kg),迷迭香,绿茶

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions12 × 15 × 2 cm

Repack (100GM), Whole Pack


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