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Vegetables Nutrition Powder


小宠果蔬粉 营养糊糊 南瓜 胡萝卜 菠菜 甜菜根 紫薯 仓鼠 蜜袋鼯 蜗牛

Hamster Sugar Glider Snail Vege Powder


A wide variety of flavours give your pets different mood everyday~


👉Pumpkin – Prevent diabetes.

👉Purple Sweet Potato – Protect the stomach.

👉Spinach – Enhance physical fitness.

👉Carrot – Helps to control cholesterol level.

👉Beetroot – Helps to control blood pressure and increase physical fitness.


✨Feeding method:

1. Mix the vegetable powder with sufficient amount of warm water .

2. DIY pet snacks – you can add some wheat germ, goat’s milk powder, oats, etc. to make a molar biscuit.

3. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of the dry vegetable powder on the food.


✨Suitable for: hamsters (especially babies who have just opened their eyes & old age hamster who can’t really bite), Sugar Gliders, mice, rat, snails.

⚠Fruit and vegetable powder contains natural fructose, and it is normal to occasionally clump.

⚠Do not mix with hot water to avoid destroying the activity of probiotics.




多种口味, 每天不重样



👉南瓜 -预防糖尿病

👉紫薯 -保护肠胃

👉菠菜🥬 -增强体质

👉胡萝卜🥕 – 降低胆固醇

👉甜菜根- 降低血压和增加活动力



1. 加温水制成果蔬糊

2. DIY 宠物小零食 – 可以加入一些小麦胚芽,羊奶粉,燕麦等制作成磨牙饼

3. 取适量干粉撒在食物上

Additional information

Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions12 × 10 × 5 cm

Pumpkin, Purple Sweet Potato, Spinach, Carrot, Beet Root, Strawberry


Ziplock bag (50GM), Bottle (150GM)


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