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Tafit Paper Chip Bedding


它适魔力豆腐块 纸块垫料 仓鼠垫料厕所

Toilet Hamster Cage 800GM

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Packing: 800GM

✨ Made from virgin pulp

✨ Breathable and dry, 99% dust-free, suitable for sensitive hamsters

✨ Strong water absorption, urine stains are obvious, it can be used as a toilet, which is suitable for parents with spot cleaning habits

✨ Square shape, won’t sticky on hamster hair


规格 800GM

✨ 材质 原生纸浆

✨ 透气干爽,99%无尘,适合敏感鼠鼠

✨ 强力吸水,尿渍明显,可当厕所适用,适合有局部清理习惯的家长

✨ 方块造型,不缠脚不粘毛

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Weight0.85 kg
Dimensions21 × 32 × 5 cm


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