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Tafit Desert Sand


它适沙漠沙 含干花 1.8KG

With Dried Flower

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它适沙漠沙 1.8KG

✨ 已添加浮石粉

✨ 原生天然沙, 容易结团去油

✨ 采用多道工艺, 多次水洗, 筛选去尘

✨ 原生沙漠沙, 搭配高效吸收浮沙石, 瞬间吸收结团

✨ 沙里也添加了草本干花, 精选薄荷叶,玫瑰和薰衣草,帮助清洁同时也添加乐趣


Tafit Desert sand & Bathing sand 1.8KG

✨ Native natural sand, easy to clump and remove oil

✨ Using multiple processes, multiple washings, screening to

remove dust

✨ Native desert sand, combined with high-efficiency absorption

pumice stone, instantly absorbs clumps

✨ Dried herbal flowers, selected mint leaves, roses and lavender

are also added to the sand to help clean and add fun

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions15 × 26 × 10 cm


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