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Supreme Science Selective


英国至尊三角粮花枝鼠 豚鼠 兔子粮

Rat & Mouse Guinea Pig Rabbit House 2KG


Supreme Science Selective Rat & Mouse英国至尊无糖花枝鼠粮

❤️ Includes fruits such as apple and blackcurrant for their antioxidant properties and high vitamin content to promote optimum health

❤️ Help keep your pet’s skin and coat in great condition


House Rabbit Food

❤️ Uniquely formulated for house bunnies

❤️ With Timothy hay grass and thyme, provides an array of forage to reflect natural foraging behaviour


Guinea Pig Food

❤️ High is fibre to help promote healthy teeth and tummies

❤️ Has added vitamin C to help keep your guinea pigs in the very best of health

❤️ Helps to regulate coat shine, thickness and colour intensity, as well as supporting a healthy skin

Additional information

Weight2.1 kg
Dimensions25 × 30 × 13 cm

Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Rat & Mouse


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