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Pets Nail Cutter


宠物指甲剪 不锈钢 指甲钳猫指甲

Stainless Steel Claws Scissor Trimming suitable for cat

Pengetip Kuku Kucing



Large – 15 x 8CM (Comes with glinder)

Small – 9 x 3CM

✨ Hander are made from silicone material to prevent hand slipping

✨ Cutter head is made from stainless steel to last longer

✨ There is a safety baffle to prevent accidentally cut the blood vessels of pet nails


⚠Pet nail trimming guide ⚠

🎈 Pet nails should be trimmed every 1-2 weeks

🎈 Before trimming, be sure to check the blood line of the pet nail (white is the nail, red is the blood line)

🎈 Trimmed only the front part of nails



大 – 15 x 8CM (带锉刀)

小- 9 x 3CM


✨ 安全硅胶材料,防止手滑

✨ 不锈钢刀头,更持久耐用

✨ 有安全挡片,防止剪到宠物指甲血管



🎈 宠物指甲应每隔1-2个礼拜修剪一次

🎈 修剪前一定要注意宠物指甲白色血线位置 (白色为指甲,红色为血线位置)

🎈 白色指甲只需修剪指尖前小部分

Additional information

Weight0.10 kg
Dimensions13.00 × 6.00 × 2.00 cm

Pink (L), Blue (L), Black (S)


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