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PetCoCo 🐾 Vetwish Supplement Fish Oil Probiotics Glucosamine Poop Control Dog & Cat



Vetwish Probiotics 1g x 30pcs
⚠ Loose stick selling in another link
👉 Suitable for Cat & Dogs at all ages
👉 Able to stop bowel problems effectively

Vetwish Skin & Coat Care 100g
👉 Suitable for Cat & Dogs at all ages
👉 Deep sea fish oil capsules (no heavy metal pollution)
👉 Omega -3 ≥ 80% / EPA ≥ 50% / DHA ≥ 30%
👉 Low fishy smell, which is easily be acceptable by pets

Vetwish Poop Eating Control 80g
👉 Suitable for cats & dogs
👉 Especially those who having behavior like Poop Eating/Trash Eating/Wall Biting/Table Chair Biting/ Leaves Eating/Soil Stone Biting due to lack of nutrition and digestive problem
👉 Contain microelements to fulfill pets daily nutrition, probiotics to regulate digestive system, and enzyme to improve digestive system absorption
👉Addictive chicken powder to improve the taste and smell which improve pets acceptance range

Vetwish Freeze Dried Hairball Relief 40g
👉 Suitable for Cats
👉 Specially selected freeze dried based hairball relief formulation, improve palatability while helping cats maintain normal & healthy digestion
👉 promote hairball discharge, prevent hairball diseases.

Vetwish Hip & Joint Bites Advanced 200g
👉 Suitable for Dogs
👉 Does not contains MSM
👉 Contains 12% effective contents plus 4% chondrotone sulfate & 8% glucosamine sulphate
👉 Suitable for daily maintenance of joints (to maintain healthy lubrication and joint tissue elasticity

Suitable for Cat & Dogs

Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions10.00 × 9.00 × 9.00 cm

Probiotics 1g x 30, Skin & Coat Care100g, PoopEatingControl80g, Hairball Relief 40g, Hip & Joint 200g, Hip & Joint, Fish Oil Trial 20pcs, Multivitamin 40g, Lecithin 250g, Immune Support 30pcs, Q10 Heart&Energy Cat, Q10 Heart&Energy Dog, Bone & Teeth Cat 100, Skin&Coat 75% Cat, Skin&Coat Max+ Cat, Skin&Coat Max+ Dog, Bone & Teeth Dog


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