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Hamster High Protein High Calcium Nutritional Mush Powder


仓鼠高蛋白涨肉糊糊 消热气 补钙 50GM

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Weight: 50g

✨ Suitable for picky or sick hamsters

✨ High protein, contain high animal protein

✨ Grind freshly

✨ Vacuum packed

✨ Ingredients: Five Grain Powder, Healthforce Nutritional Green Mush, Dried Salmon, Dried Chicken, Goat Milk, Probiotics, Dandelion, and many others ingredients.

✨ Recommended to mix with WARM WATER. (Hot water will destroy the probiotics)


✨ 适合挑食或生病的鼠鼠,需要长肉肉,幼鼠,缺钙鼠(牙齿白)

✨ 高蛋白,而且富含高动物蛋白

✨ 新鲜研磨

✨ 真空包装

✨ 成分:五谷粉、生命绿湖、三文鱼粉、鸡肉粉、羊奶、益生菌、蒲公英和许多其他成分。

✨ 建议与温水混合使用。 (热水会破坏益生菌)

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