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Carno Paper Litter Hamster Bedding


卡诺果果吸水纸粒 1.8KG 仓鼠金丝熊豚鼠刺猬兔子

Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Hedgehog

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✨ Utilize the pulp’s own fiber water-absorbing particles to absorb up to 3 times of water

✨ No SAP factor added, no risk of accidental ingestion

⚠️ The paper particles added with SAP factor will become jelly after absorbing water, which is more sticky and difficult to clean. Pets can easily cause safety problems such as intestinal dehydration in hamsters after eating by mistake

✨ Anti-sensitivity and low-dust

✨ Suitable for hamsters, Syrian hamster , guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rabbits and other small pets

❤️ No added scent


✨ 利用纸浆自身纤维吸水粒 3倍吸水

✨ 不添加SAP因子,误食无风险

⚠️ 添加SAP因子的纸粒吸水后会呈现啫喱状,较粘稠,难以清理。鼠鼠误食后易造成仓鼠肠道脱水等安全问题

✨ 抵敏低尘

✨ 适合仓鼠,金丝熊,豚鼠,刺猬,兔子等小宠

❤️ 没有任何香味

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions27 × 36 × 7 cm

Mango Orange, Avocado Green, Milky White, Grape Purple, Peach Pink


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