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Bunny Nature Juniors Extra for Baby Hamster


德国邦尼发育宝 涨肉 幼崽 150GM

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❤️ Supplementary food in the growth phrase (in the first 4 month of life)

❤️ Suitable for hamsters, dwarf hamsters, gerbils, mice & rats

✨ Covers enhanced calcium & protein needs

✨ With valuable power seeds & mealworms

✨ Add to the small pet diet daily until the grow phrase is completed


Ingredients: Quinoa, kamut, amaranth (puffed), mung beans, canary seed, perilla seeds, mealworms, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, mono-calcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, semolina bran.




❤️ 适合断乳后4个月以下的幼崽

❤️ 适合侏儒仓鼠/沙鼠/金丝熊/花枝鼠/豚鼠


✨ 专业营养配方,优化幼鼠发育涨肉

✨ 含有6种谷物加面包虫,增强鼠鼠成长期钙质&蛋白质的吸收

✨ 富含纤维多维矿

✨ 低糖助消,强免疫力,促进健康发育

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Weight0.15 kg
Dimensions2 × 8 × 10 cm

Repack (30GM), Whole Pack (150GM)


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