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Pet Foot Cleansing Foam


宠物洗脚泡沫 洗脚神器

Cat/Dog Deodorant Foot Wash Foot Care Paw Cleaning Scrubbing Scrub 150ML

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✨ Ready to use with one single press

✨ The paw cleaning brush is soft and gentle. Its silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your pet’s paws

✨ Convenient paws cleaning after walks, trips to the park, hikes or running in the yard

✨ Made from natural plant extracts, 100% non-toxic, all natural and gentle ingredients which can freshen pets’ paws


✨ 只需按一下即可使用

✨ 爪子清洁刷柔软温和。它的硅胶刷毛有助于清除宠物爪子上的污垢和泥土

✨ 散步、公园旅行、远足或在院子里跑步后方便清洁爪子

✨ 由天然植物提取物制成,100% 无毒,全天然温和成分,可以使宠物爪子清新

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