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Niteangel Super Silent Running Wheel




Material 材质:

✅Wheel 跑轮 – Safe PS material 安全无毒PS材料

✅Wheel Stand 支架 – Thicken acrylic 加厚亚克力


Size 尺寸:

S (21CM)


✅Suitable for dwarf hamster 适合侏儒鼠

✨ Extra large dual axle makes the wheel super silent when running 加大号双轴使跑轮在转动时超静音

✨ Anti-slip design can help in acceleration, deceleration and protect the feet 防滑设计有助于加速、减速和保护脚掌

✨ Adjustable height of wheel ranging from 28-35.5cm 跑轮高度可调范围为28-35.5cm

✨ Come with acrylic wheel stand which is very stable and chew-proof 配备亚克力支架,非常稳定且防嚼

✨ Easy to wash and clean 容易清洗及清洁

✨ Perfect for hamster and suitable for other small animals 非常适合仓鼠,也适合其他小动物


❗Product comes with non-slip cork mat 产品包含防滑软木垫❗



⚠️Actual items in terms of color and size may be slightly different from photos due to angle and lighting problem during photo shooting or the monitor’s display 由于在照片拍摄过程中的角度和光线问题或显示器的显示,实物在颜色和尺寸方面可能会与照片有差异⚠️

⚠️Please allow tiny manual measurement error 请允许微小的手工测量误差⚠️

⚠️Please allow minor defect on the product 请允许产品存在轻微的缺陷⚠️

Additional information

Weight1.3 kg
Dimensions30 × 27 × 18 cm


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