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Neku Hyaluronic Acid Functional Staple Food


Neku主食罐玻尿酸/益生菌酵母/南极磷虾 全价功能性主食猫罐

Cat Main Wet Food 85GM 170GM


【Chicken + Hyaluronic Acid】

✨ Added hyaluronic acid: Moisturizing skin base, skin care and hair beauty

✨ Zero harmful additions: original flavor, 0 grains, 0 starch, 0 gum

✨ High-protein meat source: the protein content exceeds the international standard by 2.5 times

✨ Japanese formula: nutritious and delicious, using Japanese wet food formula


【Chicken + Probiotics】

✨ Promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce skin diseases

✨ Good growth and development, helps hair smooth and shiny


【Chicken + Antarctic Krill】

✨ Add Omega-3, Astaxanthin, Choline

✨ Hair beauty and skin care, natural antioxidant, promote liver health


Meat + bone + trace elements = true staple food

Meat supplements protein needs, and bones and internal organs are rich in nutrients cats need.

MINI HA Skin Moisturizing Skin Care and Hair Care

The dermis contains an extracellular gelatinous matrix with sufficient moisture, which can nourish the hair follicles, making the hair naturally smooth and shiny.


Analysis guaranteed value:

Crude protein≥13%, crude fat≥3.5%, crude ash≤1.5%, crude fiber≤1.2%, moisture≤79.0%

It is very easy to open, and the edge of the can mouth is a smooth design, so it will not scratch!



❤️ 添加玻尿酸: 肌底补水、护肤美毛

❤️ 零有害添加: 原汁原味, 0谷物0淀粉0胶质

❤️ 高蛋白肉源: 蛋白质含量超国际水平2.5倍

❤️ 日本配方: 营养美味, 采用日本湿粮配方



❤️ 促进肠胃蠕动, 减少皮肤疾病

❤️ 良好生长发育, 有助毛发顺亮



❤️ 添加Omega-3, 虾青素, 胆碱

❤️ 美毛护肤, 天然抗氧化, 促进肝脏健康



肉食补充蛋白质所需, 骨和内脏更含有丰富的猫咪所需营养。

MINI HA 肌底补水 护肤美毛

真皮层含有充足水分的胞外胶状基质, 可滋养毛囊, 毛发自然顺亮。



粗蛋白质≥13%, 粗脂肪≥3.5%, 粗灰分≤1.5%, 粗纤维≤1.2%, 水分≤79.0%


Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions9 × 9 × 4 cm

Chicken + Collagen, Chicken + Probiotics, Chicken + Krill


85GM, 170GM


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