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Naisy Cat Food 1kg


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48% High Protein

Crispy kibbles make it tastier for your furkids


Kitten 1kg

❤️ Added goat milk from New Zealand

❤️ Contains lactoferrins

❤️ Added with GOS & Prebiotics


Chicken 1kg Best for sensitive stomach

❤️ Single protein kibbles

❤️ High content on probiotics


Chicken & Fish 1kg

❤️ 52 types complete nutrients

❤️ 48% high protein

❤️ Contains 120g fish oil

Additional information

Weight1.05 kg
Dimensions20.00 × 19.00 × 8.00 cm

Kitten 幼猫, Chicken 肠胃敏感, Fish Chicken 美毛


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