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Luscious Freeze Dried Cat Food – Chicken Cube with Cat Grass



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Freeze Dried Chicken Cube with Cat Grass (25g)

❤️‍🔥Product Ingredients 原料组成

Frozen Chicken 95.8%, Barley Grass Powder (Barley Grass Powder) 2%, Fish Oil (Salmon Oil) 1%, Psyllium 0.5%, Cranberry Powder 0.5%, Yucca Powder 0.2%

冻鸡肉95.8%, 大麦苗粉(大麦若叶粉)2%, 鱼油(三文鱼油) 1%, 车前子0.5%, 蔓越莓粉0.5%, 丝兰粉0.2%


❤️‍🔥Additive Composition 添加剂组成

B-1, 3-D-Glucan 0.3%, Fructooligosaccharide 0.2%, Papain 0.1%, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Tea Polyphenols, Rosemary Extract, Bacillus Subtilis

B-1, 3-D-葡聚糖0.3%, 果寡糖0.2%, 木瓜蛋白酶0.1%, 维生素B1, 维生素B6, 维生素C, 维生素E, 茶多酚, 迷迭香提取物,枯草芽孢杆菌

📈Product Composition Analysis 产品成分分析保证值

Crude Protein≥60%, Crude Fat≥8%, Crude Ash≤9%, Crude Fiber≤6%, Moisture≤8%

粗蛋白质≥60%, 粗脂肪≥8%, 粗灰分≤9%, 粗纤维≤6%, 水分≤8%


🌟Feeding Guideline 使用说明/饲喂建议🌟

1. Suitable for all cat breeds. 全猫种适用

2. It is recommended to feed 2-3g (about 10-15g) per day; the feeding amount is for reference only, please feed in moderation according to your pet’s body condition, activity level, environment and other factors. 建议每日喂食2-3g(约10-15);喂食量仅供参考, 请根据爱宠的体况、活动量及环境等因素适量喂食

3. Please prepare enough clean drinking water for your pet. 请为爱宠备足清洁的饮用水

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