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Korea Iskhan Dog Dried Food Grain-Free


韩国Iskhan 狗粮 幼犬敏感肌肤

Baby Starter Soft Salmon Sensitive Skin Weak Tooth

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✨ Grain-free prescription to prevent allergic reactions from grains

✨ Contains LG Y (immunity globulin) as well as natural herbs including turmeric, thyme and garlic to help form immunity of young puppies

✨ Probiotics and fructooligosaccharide activate intestinal beneficial bacteria to improve intestinal health.

✨ Contains DHA and EPA to assist brain development and cardiovascular function

✨ Contains salmon oil and linseed to maintain lustrous and elastic coat


❤️ Iskhan Baby Starter 1KG

– Designed to enhance the digestion and immunity system of the puppies

– Sub miniature kibbles easily dissolve in water and easy to digest during weaning

👉 Suitable for puppy after weaning and lactating dog


❤️ Iskhan Grain-Free Junior (Small Bite) 1.2KG

– Nutritiously formulated specially for the development of muscle cytoskeleton and facilitates in the building and boosting up of the body immune system

– Helps in strengthening the puppy’s hair growth that leads to a glossier and shiny look

👉 Suitable for puppy after weaning until 12 months old


❤️ Iskhan Grain-Free Performance 1.2KG

– Exclusively formulated for adult dogs with active lifestyles, to promote their overall health, maintain healthy joints and muscles, and provide shine and elasticity to coat

– Adding glucosamine and chondroitin for joint and cartilage care

– Reinforcement of omega 3 fatty acid by containing salmon oil and flaxseed

👉 Suitable for dogs after 12 months, Active dog.


❤️ Iskhan Semi Moisture Soft 1.2KG

– Manufactured through a semi-moisture process that is filled with high quality ingredients.

– Used human- grade deboned chicken as main ingredients through semi-moisture process to minimize the destruction of nutrients, while maintaining its freshness & taste

👉 Suitable for all stages of dogs after weaning, picky pets (low appetite), weak tooth, gingivitis


❤️ Iskhan Soft Salmon 1.2KG

– Using protease(enzyme) for digestion of protein.

– Semi moisture processing with fresh salmon as primary ingredients.

👉 Suitable for all stages of dogs after weaning especially with weak tooth


❤️ Iskhan Allergy Free 1.2KG

– Mainly used hydrolyzed for help in dietary allergy relief

– Natural herbs are included to control atopy and skin problem

– Balanced amino acids to help in both balancing shiny coat and healthy skin and boosting immunity

👉 Suitable for all stages of dogs after weaning, Dogs with dietary allergy


❤️ Iskhan Sensitive Duck and Vegetables 1.2KG

– Designed for dogs to strengthen their joints and cartilage, improve skin elasticity and shiny coat while preventing food allergy

– Fresh deboned duck meat with high unsaturated fatty acid to reduce cholesterol

👉 Suitable for all stages of dogs after weaning, dogs avoiding food hypersensitivity


❤️ Iskhan Sensitive Salmon And Potato 1.2KG

– Used fresh salmon as main ingredients through semi moisture process to minimise the destruction of nutrients, while maintaining its freshness & taste.

– Fresh salmon with unsaturated fatty acid, omega 3 and vita

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Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions10 × 15 × 30 cm

Baby Starter, Grain-Free Junior, Performance, Semi Moisture Soft, Soft Salmon, Allergy Free, Sensitive Duck & Vegetable, Sensitive Salmon


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