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Jing’s Hamster Diet


小景有很多鼠鼠粮 金丝熊 全天然无糖配方 550GM

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✨ Shake well before serving

✨ Natural, sugar-free and does not contains synthetic pallet foods

✨ Used natural grain, grass, and seeds

✨ Freshly prepared

✨ Contains crispy dried fruits and vegetables, rich taste


✨ 摇匀后食用

✨ 天然无糖无膨化

✨ 优选大自然谷物草籽

✨ 新鲜调配

✨ 含有酥脆果蔬虫干,丰富口感

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Weight0.60 kg
Dimensions15.00 × 5.00 × 24.00 cm

Repack (100GM), Whole Pack


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