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Japan Kojima Pet Wipes



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Kojima Wet Tissue Special for Dogs and Cats x 80 wipes

✨ Alcohol free

✨ Plant based ingredient

✨ Non-irritating

✨ Elegant fragrance made by essential oil, does not irritate the sense of smell

⚠️ Please choose Original if prefer fragrance free

✨ Safe to lick

✨ Can be used to wipe on cats and dogs including eyes, ears and nose area

✨ Keep your pet clean and reduce bad smell

⚠️ Note: Other flavor more moisture than original flavor. Hence, the package will be thicker than original.


Kojima猫狗专用湿纸巾 x 80 片

✨ 无酒精

✨ 用植物成分制成

✨ 不刺激

✨ 由精油制成的优雅香气,不刺激嗅觉

⚠️ 喜欢无香的请选择原装

✨ 成分安全可舔

✨ 可用于擦拭猫狗身上,包括眼睛、耳朵和鼻子区域

✨ 保持宠物清洁,减少异味


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Dimensions17 × 10 × 6 cm


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