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Helda Hanging Molar



Hay Biscuit Timothy Carrot Rabbit Guinea Pig

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✨ Made of natural material which are safe for your pets to chew and play

✨ Great molar supplies for your pets to maintain dental health

✨ Perfect chew toy for your pets to relieve stress and make them feel relaxed

✨ Fun accessories for your pets to let them stay active and enrich their daily life

✨ Suitable for hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla and all types of rodents


❤️ 由天然材料制成,可让您的宠物安全咀嚼和玩耍

❤️ 优质的磨牙用品,保持宠物牙齿健康

❤️ 完美的磨牙玩具,以缓解宠物的压力并让它们感到放松

❤️ 磨牙玩具能让您的宠物保持活跃并丰富他们的日常生活

❤️ 适用于仓鼠、兔子、天竺鼠、龙猫及所有啮齿类动物

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions9 × 5 × 27 cm

Timothy, Timothy Biscuit+Carrot Ball, Timothy Stick+Carrot Ball, Timothy+Apple Wood


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