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Healthforce SuperFood Green Mush


生命绿糊 分装10GM


✨ Ultimate superfood blend for your animal companion

✨ Great for dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, ferrets, other mammals, and human animals, too!

✨ Blend of plant foods not ordinarily found in pet food

✨ Featuring grasses, algae, and sea vegetables includes a powerful blend of enzymes known to support digestion

✨ No fillers, synthetic, or isolated nutrients

✨ 100% vegan nutrition. 100% Superfoods. 100% actual food

✨ Certified vegan, kosher, and gluten-free

✨ No fillers, binders, flow agents


❤️ 为您的动物伙伴准备的终极超级食物混合物

❤️ 也非常适合狗、猫、老鼠、兔子、豚鼠、仓鼠、老鼠、雪貂、其他哺乳动物和人类动物!

❤️ 宠物食品中不常见的植物性食品混合物

❤️ 以草、藻类和海洋蔬菜为特色,包括已知支持消化的强大酶混合物

❤️ 不含填充剂、合成或分离的营养素

❤️ 100% 纯素营养。 100% 超级食品。 100% 实际食物。

❤️ 经过认证的纯素食、犹太洁食和无麸质食品

❤️ 不含填料、粘合剂、流动剂

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Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions6 × 3 × 3 cm


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