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Hamster Sugar Glider Hanging Set Leaf Wood


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Made of plush, it is very comfortable and durable, Your little pet will be happy to play on it and sleep well.

* Size * Trigonal hammock length 11.8″* 8.7″* 8.7″;
Channel length 5.7, diameter 3.5″;
Swing diameter 5.1″, adjustable height range 8.3″-14.6″;
Ropway length 21.7″.

* 5 pcs (2 hammocks+ 1 channel+ 1 swing+ 1 ropeway). Your little pet can hide and seek, exercise, sleep, play, and rest. Let these little toys accompany your pet to grow up healthy.
* Leaf and wood design. Give your pet a feeling of living in nature, and they will feel safe, adapt more easily and grow up healthier.
* Comfortable toys for all kinds of small animals – hamsters, chinchillas, honey bags, guinea pig, rat, gerbil sugar, glider, squirrel, birds, parrot and other small pets.

Additional information

Weight0.10 kg
Dimensions10.00 × 15.00 × 4.00 cm


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