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Golden Pines USA Premium Timothy Hay Alfalfa Hay


美国提摩西草 苜蓿草

Rabbit Guinea Pig Chinchilla Hamster


✨Alfalfa Hay is suitable for young rabbit, young guinea pig, and chinchilla

Birth – 12 Months Old Rabbit

Birth – 6 Months Old Guinea Pig

Skinny, pregnant & baby Chinchilla


✨Timothy Hay is suitable for adult rabbit, adult guinea pig, and Chinchilla

12 Months – 7 Years Old Rabbit

6 Months – 5 Years Old Guinea Pig

Chinchilla after weaning


❤️ Can also be used as Hamster bedding for odour control 👍👍


To keep/ storage of Hay

– Avoid sunlight

– Avoid room light

– Using something to cover the the hay to avoid light (Example : Black plastic bag, Black rubbish bag, Box)


Available in:

🎈 500G

🎈 1KG



出生 – 12 个月大的兔子

出生 – 6 个月大的豚鼠



✨提摩西草 适用于成年兔,成年豚鼠和断奶后的龙猫

12 个月 – 7 岁的兔子

6 个月 – 5 岁豚鼠



❤️也可以用作仓鼠垫料, 除臭效果棒棒的👍👍



– 避免阳光照射

– 避免室内光线

– 用东西遮住牧草来避光(例如:黑色塑料袋、黑色垃圾袋、盒子)



🎈 500克

🎈 1公斤

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay


500GM, 1KG


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