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Furry Tail RAW811 Main Cat Food Wet Food


尾巴生活 野兽Can 全价生骨肉主食罐 100GM

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⚠⚠⚠Date printed is manufacture date!! Shelf life is 24 months from manufacture date~


Available in 8 flavours:


❤ Beef

❤ Chicken

❤ Mackerel

❤ Turkey



❤ Emu

❤ Quail

❤ Pigeon

❤ Rabbit



👉 80% Muscle tissues: Meat, heart, lung, stomach, gizzard, high-quality animal protein, complete amino acids, and OMEGA-3

👉 10% Edible bones: Bones, ribs, cartilage, neck, wing, easily absorbed calcium and chondroitin sulfate

👉 10% Liver and other organs: Liver, kidney, spleen, brain, thymus, pancreas, natural vitamins, and minerals.

✨ Spray-dried animal plasma is added to boost immunity and protect the digestive system.

✨ 8:1:1 represents the Prey Model Raw Diet which is recommended internationally to provide cats balanced nutrition similar to whole prey in the wild and to achieve the purpose of strengthening physique and immunity, shining hair, and prolonging life.

✨ FTP-21 (Exclusive patented product by FurryTail), an α-spiral cationic polypeptide extracted from Brady yeast fermentation, is added to promote cats’ digestion and absorption by improving intestinal health. FTP-21 also functions to remove tear stains and eye discharge by regulating immunity.


Crude Protein ≥ 45%, Crude Fat ≥ 18%, Crude Ash ≤ 10%, Crude Fiber ≤ 5.0%, Total Phosphorus ≥ 0.8%, Total Calcium ≥ 1.0%, Water Soluble Chloride ≥ 0.5%, Taurine ≥ 0.2%, Moisture ≤ 78%


Feeding Guide:

Adult cat ≥3kg: 1-2 cans daily,

Kitten/Pregnant/Lactating cat: 2-3 cans daily.



⚠⚠⚠印在罐子上的日期是生产日期!!保质期为自生产之日起的 24个月~


野兽Can 100g (8种口味):


❤ 牛肉

❤ 鸡肉

❤ 马鲛鱼

❤ 火鸡肉



❤ 鸸鹋

❤ 鹌鹑

❤ 白鸽

❤ 兔肉


✨ 结合了生骨肉的黄金标准

👉 80% 鸡肉组织

👉 10%骨骼

👉 10%肝脏

✨ 8:1:1, 代表了目前国际标准推崇的PMR猎食者模型的更高标准, 还原了猫咪在野生环境中猎食完整动物所能摄取的均衡营养, 从而达到强健猫咪体魄, 提高抵抗力, 亮泽毛发和延长寿命的目的。

✨SDAP血浆蛋白粉, 免疫强大, 少生病。





✨ 提取自布拉迪酵母发酵产物, 蛋白消化率提升至95.87%


粗蛋白≥45%, 粗脂肪≥18%, 粗灰分≤10%, 粗纤维≤5.0%, 总磷≥0.8%, 总钙≥1.0%, 水溶性氯化物≥0.5%, 牛磺酸≥0.2%, 水份≤78%





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