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FuRReNZ Natural Coffee Wood


咖啡木天然磨牙 仓鼠磨牙 狗玩具

Long Lasting, Dog Dental Chew Toy, Hamster Molar


✨ Close-grained wood and is a lot harder than other wood, so its resilient and less likely to splinter

✨ Digestible for pets

✨ Prevent dental damage

✨ Perfect boredom buster for pets, especially those who are heavy chewers!!



✔️ A perfect way to relieve stress;

✔️ Helps address behavioral issues;

✔️ No artificial ingredients;

✔️ Strengthens teeth and keeps them clean;

✔️ Vegan;

✔️ Reduces tension in new surroundings;

✔️ Reduces boredom and increases pleasure;

✔️ Zero calories;

✔️ Long-lasting.


Size & measurement (in approximation):

❤️ XS 11.5cm 1.5cm 22g

❤️ S 12.5cm 2.5cm 35g

❤️ M 16.5/17cm 3cm 85g

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions17 × 3 × 3 cm

XS, S, M


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