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Furcoco Virgin Cocont Oil


初榨椰子油 椰子纤维 益生菌 毛孩补品保健品 猫狗通用

Coconut Powder, Synbio-G Cat/Dog Supplement


Suitable for Cat & Dog at all age

❤ Virgin Coconut Oil

✨ Unique blend of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, with higher level of Caprylic Acid and Capric Acid, PLUS Lauric Acid.

✨ Retain the smell and taste of fresh coconut oil

✨ Rapidly absorbed for energy

✨ Supports healthy brain function

✨ Strengthen immune system

✨ Promotes health management

✨ May be fed with wet food or dry food


Feeding guide:

⚠ Start slowly

2-4KG: 1 teaspoon

5-10KG: 2 teaspoon


❤ Coconut Fiber

✨ Made from a single ingredient – high-fiber original coconut

✨ Raw & Vegan, Grain.

✨ Suitable for those with sensitive or food allergies

✨ Helps your cat to pass hairballs more easily by adding moisture and bulk to his stool

✨ Improve skin & coat, less shedding

✨ Strengthen digestive & immune system

✨ Safe for all age stage and pregnancy pet for long-term use


Feeding guide:

1-2tbs per 4KG daily

Can be fed directly or fed with warm water


❤ Synbiotic Gut (Synbio-G)

✨ Specially for digestive health – a combination of prebiotic, probiotic and post biotic

✨ 7-Strain Probiotics formulation

✨ 50 Billion Probiotics Plus Premium MCT

✨ Pet Trial Shown to Improve Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain, Bloating and Appetite

✨ Unique symbiotic fermentation technology which enhances probiotic stability


5 Improvements:

👉 Improve microbiota

👉 Improve digestion

👉 Inhibit bad bacteria

👉 Improve gut disorder

👉 Improve lactose digestion


Feeding guide:

May be consumed directly from the sachet or mix with water or food

Each powder sachet contains the right amount for furkid’s daily consumption.


Recommended Intake/Day:

Below 10KG: 1 sachet

Above 10KG: 1-2 sachets




❤ 初榨椰子油

✨ 中链甘油三酯 (MCT) 油的独特混合物,具有更高水平的辛酸和癸酸,以及月桂酸。

✨ 保留新鲜椰子油的气味和味道

✨ 快速吸收能量

✨ 支持健康的大脑功能

✨ 增强免疫系统

✨ 促进健康管理

✨ 可以和湿粮或干粮一起喂食



⚠ 从小量慢慢开始




❤ 椰子纤维

✨ 由单一成分制成 – 高纤维原椰子

✨ 适合敏感或食物过敏的毛孩

✨ 通过增加粪便的水分和体积,帮助您的猫更容易地排除毛球

✨ 改善皮肤和被毛,减少脱落

✨ 加强消化和免疫

✨ 适合所有年龄阶段和怀孕宠物长期使用



每天每 4 公斤 1-2 汤匙



❤ 益生菌

✨ 专为消化健康而设计 – 结合了益生元、益生菌和后生元

✨ 7-Strain 益生菌配方

✨ 500 亿益生菌加优质 MCT

✨ 宠物试验显示可改善腹泻、腹痛、腹胀和食欲

✨ 独特的共生发酵技术,增强益生菌的稳定性


5 个改进方向:














Additional information

Weight0.39 kg
Dimensions22 × 5 × 5 cm

Coconut Oil (385ML), Coconut Oil (220ML), Coconut Fiber (120GM), Synbio-G Whole Box, Coconut Oil (10ML x 2), Coconut Fiber (5GM x 2), Synbio-G (2GM x 2 ), Repack Whole Set


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